Ales Shiquy Ales Shiquy, is an environmentally friendly paint based on natural materials, slaked lime. Ales Shiquy is a unique formulated functional paint to inactivate virus and bacteria. And it is capable to remove odors and humidify air. Ales Shiquy has an excellent air-purifying through CO² adsorption and excellent air detoxification for indoor air pollution. Shade:White / Various Effect:Matt Packaging:4KG / 15KG VinyDeluxe 555 VinyDeluxe 555 is a superior water-based acrylic emulsion with ultra-low VOC content and high resistance to mold and fungus. It gives a smooth, tough, and water repellent finish for the interior. Shade:White / Various Effect:Matt Packaging:20kg Par Supermatt Par Supermatt is a highly durable, anti-bacterial emulsion which gives a brilliantly smooth and rich matte finish for the interior. Shade:White / Various Effect:Matt Packaging:20L Par Silk Par Silk is a premium grade emulsion designed to have good colour retention, in which a sheen, smooth, and luxurious finish can be attained for the interior. Shade:White / Various Effect:Sheen Packaging:5L Par In Sealer Par In Sealer is a water-based one-pack sealer specially modified for the interior. It is an environmental friendly formula with ultra-low VOC. Some of the key features of Par In Sealer are its high performance in penetration, adhesion, and hiding power – an all-inclusive option. Shade:White Effect: Packaging:20L Crown Emulsion Crown Emulsion is an economical emulsion paint. Its smooth matte finish helps to conceal surface imperfections and avoid reflection of uneven plastered surfaces. Crown Emulsion is also moderately alkaline tolerant. Shade: Effect:Matt Packaging:18L Kanpe Emulsion V Kanpe Emulsion V is an acrylic resin emulsion paint with excellent hiding power. This emulsion paint will bring about a chic appearance for the interior. Shade:White / Various Effect:Matt Packaging:20kg Ales Eco Clean Gloss Ales Eco Clean Gloss is an environmental friendly emulsion paint for the interior with anti-bacteria and anti-fungal ability. Its air purifying property enables formaldehyde and odour absorption. Shade:White / Various Effect:Full Gloss Packaging: