Aqua Zolacoat Ex Aqua Zolacoat EX is a water-based acrylic silicone resin water- resistant topcoat which provides satisfying function and aesthetics at once. Its excellent resilient property can bridge up existing hairline cracks. Its diversity in design allows the creation of various multi-colour texture and patterns, such as stone textured finish, which can be achieved by the use of either roller or spray. Shade:Multi-colour Effect:Matt Packaging:15kg Silicone Tex Silicone Tex is a water-based acrylic silicone resin emulsion with super-elasticity. Shade:White / Various Effect:Various Packaging:16kg Ales Tile Rough Ales Tile Rough is a water-based modified synthetic resin spray texture coat, where many variations of textual patterns could be created for an added interest to the wall finishing. Shade:White Effect:Matt Packaging:20kg Ales Super Holder G Ales Super Holder G is a water-based reactive curable crack-bridge injection with elastic property. Its tenacity enables strong bonding between the filler and the concrete, helping to restore the substrate appearances by filling up hairline cracks and minor dents before proceeding with further paint and coating works. Shade:White Effect:Matt Packaging:500g/tube Ales Holder Z Ales Holder Z is a water-based reactive curable undercoat paint with slight elasticity. When applied with a roller, the paint can bridge up existing hairline cracks. The textured film can then act as an excellent barrier against rainwater and deterioration of concrete caused by carbonation. As a pioneer product of similar material in the market, it has been further improved to achieve superior performance on adhesion, durability, moisture permeability and workability. Shade:White Effect:Matt Packaging:16kg