Saurs EX II Saurs EX II is a one-pack turpentine-soluble modified epoxy resin anti-corrosive primer. It is a lead and chrome free primer with quick drying and easy-to-handle properties. Shade:White / Oxide Red / Gray Effect:Matt Packaging:16kg Par Primer Sealer Par Primer Sealer is a water-based sealer with advanced synthetic resin emulsion with enhanced film forming properties such as hiding power, penetrative performance, adhesive strength and sealing up effect. In addition to treating new concrete, Par Primer Sealer is especially fitting for refurbishment work of both internal and external surfaces. Shade:White Effect:Matt Packaging:20L Par In Sealer Par In Sealer is a water-based one-pack sealer specially modified for the interior. It is an environmental friendly formula with ultra-low VOC. Some of the key features of Par In Sealer are its high performance in penetration, adhesion, and hiding power – an all-inclusive option. Shade:White Effect: Packaging:20L Eco Cation Sealer Eco Cation Sealer White is an eco-friendly water-based sealer which is synthesized with cation and silicone, resulting in an enhanced film formation having superior performance in hiding power, penetration, and adhesive strength. Shade:White Effect:Matt Packaging:15kg Aqua Macs EX Aqua Macs EX is a water-based epoxy resin primer formulated particularly for rust prevention of ferrous metal such as steel surfaces. This ultra-low VOC single-pack coating has superior adhesive strength. Shade:Oxide Red / Gray Effect:Matt Packaging:16kg Ales Floor SF Epoxy Primer Alesfloor SF Epoxy Primer is a primer-sealer for surface preparation of concrete floor. It can also serve the purpose of a surface hardener to prevent concrete dusting. Shade: Effect:Clear Packaging:5kg Ales Aqua EPO Resin Ales Aqua EPO Resin is a water-based epoxy resin primer with fine adhesive property. The primer is especially fitting for substrate surface preparation before applying water-based topcoat. Shade:White Effect:Clear Packaging:15kg/set