We participated in the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Kansai Paint in Japan.

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 • 過去の特集

Kansai Paint has reached 100 years since its foundation in 1918 and has grown into a company that operates businesses globally.

We were invited to the 100th anniversary event in Japan last week.

Mr. Park Ji-sung, Manchester United's legend, also participated in this memorable event, which was held grandly.

Hong Kong Kansai Paint was launched in this celebratory year. We will challenge ourselves as a group together for the next 100 years.

▼ Kansai Paint President, Mr. Ishino, makes an opening speech at the ceremony to commemorate our corporate centennial

▼ At the press conference, Mr. Ishino shares with us the history of Kansai Paint,
    going through our major achievements decade by decade

▼ A framed Manchester United football jersey with Kansai Paint 100 printed on - a valuable anniversary memento!

▼ Each guest and all top management representatives from the subsidiaries would receive a
    personalized Manchester United football jersey with their names respectively printed on

▼ Mr. Kaz Oomori (left) is one of about 30 Disney-certified graphic artists ever in the world.
     Featuring first-team players Marcus Rashford, David De Gea, and Romelu Lukaku,
     combined with Mr. Kaz' special animation becomes the work of genius!

▼ Group photo of Mr. Park Ji Sung and Hong Kong Kansai Paint representatives

▼ Kansai Paint has set up a product exhibition booth at Tokyu Hands in Shinjuku, Tokyo

▼ As part of the 100th anniversary celebration, a meet-and-greet session was also held for the customers at Tokyu Hands

▼ Mr. Park Ji Sung says hello to the customers in the store! 

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