School Summer Renovation Projects
have reached its CLIMAX!



First week into August marks the peak of our seasonal school renovation projects, and the same goes for Japan! We are the eager beavers who are always on the go for routine site monitoring to ensure projects are progressing as planned. We are definitely spending our sweat on these projects everyday under intense heat and humidity.


For our school projects, a wide range of materials are currently being used for both the exterior and interior, such as fluorine, polyurethane (PU), as well as mono-layer elastic coating. While quality attributes and functionality are important, aesthetics also plays a major part. The school principal will be the decision maker for choosing a befitting design which would most represent the school for its uniqueness and individuality. Now here comes an interesting fact, female principals we worked with tend to have a keen eye for design and strong sense of colours, thus their colour selection are primarily fashionable vivid colours. These vibrant colours will certainly impress the students. We are glad that our coatings will bring about a refreshing environment for their new school semesters to come, giving them a colourful school life.

 ▼ Mr. Kakuda examining on-site materials

 ▼ Mr. Kakuda performing on-site material quality check

                    ▼ Mr. Kakuda checking up on paint progress with applicator

                            Mr. Kakuda inspecting substrate condition

                           Application of topcoat on external walls      
                          Application of topcoat on external walls                          

                          ▼ Application of topcoat for the interior