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Aqua Zolacoat Ex Aqua Zolacoat EX is a water-based acrylic silicone resin water- resistant topcoat which provides satisfying function and aesthetics at once. Its excellent resilient property can bridge up existing hairline cracks. Its diversity in design allows the creation of various multi-colour texture and patterns, such as stone textured finish, which can be achieved by the use of either roller or spray. Shade:Multi-colour Effect:Matt Packaging:15kg Ales Cool Ales Cool is a water-based heat reflective coating system which can significantly lower the temperature of the substrate on the exterior once painted. The need for air conditioning would be lessened as less heat gets transferred into the interior. As a result, the CO2 emission will be reduced, which is optimal for environmental protection. Shade:Various Effect:Various Packaging:15kg VinyDeluxe 555 VinyDeluxe 555 is a superior water-based acrylic emulsion with ultra-low VOC content and high resistance to mold and fungus. It gives a smooth, tough, and water repellent finish for the interior. Shade:White / Various Effect:Matt Packaging:20kg Silicone Tex Silicone Tex is a water-based acrylic silicone resin emulsion with super-elasticity. Shade:White / Various Effect:Various Packaging:16kg Saurs EX II Saurs EX II is a one-pack turpentine-soluble modified epoxy resin anti-corrosive primer. It is a lead and chrome free primer with quick drying and easy-to-handle properties. Shade:White / Oxide Red / Gray Effect:Matt Packaging:16kg Paraflake 90E Paraflake 90E is a two-pack solventless epoxy floor coating which has an excellent workability and high resistance against acid, alkali, and chemicals. This highly durable glossy coating is intended for flooring in laboratory, kitchen, restaurant, factory, warehouse, parking lot, etc. Shade:Various Effect:Full Gloss Packaging:20L Par Weather Par Weather U is a water-based reactive polyurethane resin paint which, as the product name suggests, endows with excellent weather resistance. Over and above, Par Weather U also possesses high anti-fungal and anti-algae properties. Shade:White / Various Effect:Sheen Packaging:20L Par Supermatt Par Supermatt is a highly durable, anti-bacterial emulsion which gives a brilliantly smooth and rich matte finish for the interior. Shade:White / Various Effect:Matt Packaging:20L Par Silk Par Silk is a premium grade emulsion designed to have good colour retention, in which a sheen, smooth, and luxurious finish can be attained for the interior. Shade:White / Various Effect:Sheen Packaging:5L Par Primer Sealer Par Primer Sealer is a water-based sealer with advanced synthetic resin emulsion with enhanced film forming properties such as hiding power, penetrative performance, adhesive strength and sealing up effect. In addition to treating new concrete, Par Primer Sealer is especially fitting for refurbishment work of both internal and external surfaces. Shade:White Effect:Matt Packaging:20L

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