Proof of our Good Sense to Arrange Hospitality for our Clients


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The latest hot topic of the week is President Donald Trump's visit to Japan, where he enjoyed dinner in a traditional Japanese restaurant with our Prime Minister, Mr. Abe.

▼ U.S. President Donald Trump enjoyed an informal dinner with Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe (Source: Internet Photo)

We had visited the very same Japanese restaurant with our Hong Kong clients before, and we are surely astonished and flattered to have such good finds, which is proof of us having very good eyes for material selection with care for details.

▼ Hong Kong Kansai Paint representatives had previously hosted a delightful dinner gathering
     for Hong Kong clients in this restaurant
    (Due to privacy reasons, our group photos with clients cannot be published here)

▼ High-end traditional robata restaurant (Source: Internet Photos)