Gemstar Tower & Shun Hing Centre have been Completed!


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Due to the biggest typhoon ever hoisted in Hong Kong late last year, with its instantaneous damages, its aftermath, and all that, both Gemstar Tower and Shun Hing Centre had an extension of construction period for over half a year.

Eventually these projects have been completed successfully, helping us increase our reputation through showcasing their excellent appearances.

▼ Newly renovated Gemstar Tower

▼ Our Aqua Zola Coat finishing for partial exterior of Gemstar Tower

20,000 sqm silicone resin paint and 5,000 sqm granite-like textured coating have been used at Gemstar Tower, whereas 30,000 sqm volume of fluorine resin coating system have been adopted for both the exterior and interior of Shun Hing Building.

▼ Newly renovated Shun Hing Centre