Kansai Paint Products Confirmed at HK Police Headquarters


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Here we introduce the repaint works of Hong Kong Police Headquarters.

▼ The Hong Kong Police Headquarters Complex comprises of four buildings

This building is in the Wan Chai area, where there are a rising amount of our job references here recently. Every time we enter the building for an inspection on our visual mock-up and paint works, we would receive a vigorous security check. Being so careful and cautious on every detail, it is not hard to imagine their acceptance standard for our finishing and coating system.

▼ Our on-site visual mock-up

▼ Pull-off adhesion test performed by our Japanese colleague, who specializes in technical and sales support

We are pleased to be able to help them with the upkeep and neatness of their workplace using our fluorocarbon coating system.

▼ Some of our completed phases - Arsenal House (East Wing)

▼ Auditorium

▼  Arsenal House (West Wing) Interior Corridors

▼ Arsenal House (West Wing) Roof Top

▼ Arsenal House (West Wing) Internal Staircases

▼ Caine House Roof Top