Our 8,000㎡ Zolacoat Project in Kau To Shan has been Completed


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Our Aqua Zolacoat EX (hereinafter referred to as "Zolacoat") has been having a widespread reputation and support in Hong Kong market due to its high quality and excellent finishing.

We are going to introduce one new build project, where the developer had used our Zolacoat in her previous large-scale condominium project in New Territories before.

▼ Front view of the property

▼ Situated on a tranquil hillside, the property is surrounded by refreshing greenery

Needless to say, the developer was satisfied with and impressed by the finishing Zolacoat achieved, thus specified us for this Kau To Shan project as well.

Over the years, Zolacoat has already established certain status in the market, which no other suppliers can overtake.

▼ Photos of after our Zolacoat application, with shades of earth tones carefully chosen to complement its surroundings