Construction work of Kai Tak is in full swing


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Kai Tak Development (KTD) is a huge and highly complex development project spanning a total area of over 3,200,000m2 covering the ex-airport site, which was closed in 1998. The scheme of KTD with a mix of world-class sporting facilities, cruise terminal, business, hotels, housing, green spaces, rail transport, and transport network.

▼ Photo taken at the end of year 2020, 6565 and 6562 under construction wrapped in blue fabric (Source: Google Map)

The large-scale high-end residential buildings in Lot no.6565 and 6562 at Kai Tak area has been progressively completed, that areas are acclaimed as the world-class landmark and the high-end residential buildings are set to become a timeless architectural masterpiece. Therefore, the developer sets high demands on the building materials and Kansai Paint was selected for 600,000 m2 of application area.

▼  The high-end residential buildings in lot no.6565 and 6562

▼ Location of Lot no.6565 and 6562

▼ We joined the Topping-out ceremony

▼ Mr. Kakuda performs site inspection

▼ Our high-end & high quality emulsion paint, which is odourless and extremely low VOCs, has applied on interior wall and celling of all units.



Kai Tak 6565と6562が佳境を迎えています

Kai Tak 6565と6562が佳境を迎えています。