We have won the Tender Contract of Lok Ma Chau Control Point Public Toilet Refurbishment Works


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We have been awarded captioned project from HKSAR. Indeed, it is a small refurbishment work, yet almost all manufacturers who have been dealing with APB projects joined for the tender of this project. The reason as to why so many parties wanted to obtain this project is because the refurbishment site is located in a very critical point, which is inside the cross-border boundaries between P.R.C and HKSAR. Any manufacturer to be awarded shall be prestigious, having earned the seal of approval and gained enormous trust from the Government.

▼ Lok Ma Chau Control Point have two public toilets separately located in Southbound and Northbound

▼ From our visual mock-up, the results of before and after refurbishment can be easily seen

Finally, HKSAR picked up Kansai Paint out of all other manufacturers. We are happy to announce the completion of our work scope.

▼ Below are comparisons of before and after our work done (Left: Before  Right: After)