KL Study Tour 2019


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To know more about Kansai Group, we have visited Kansai KL.

▼ One of the production plants in Kansai KL

Indeed, we are digging more width and depth to recognize what HKKP can do as member of Kansai Paint Group as leading manufacturer of paint industry in the world.

▼ Technician introduces their line of products

▼ Technicians continue to explain the production in details to their attentive audiences, our colleagues from Hong Kong

Same as our last trip to COSCO KANSAI, it was great opportunity to know about our size potentiality in this field.

▼ Group photo

Once again, we would like to thank all members in Kansai KL for their kind assistance and hospitality.





色々な材料を知 ることで、新しい市場をより一層深く広く開拓する自信が湧いてきました。