2019 New Year Party at Kansai Paint Japan


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Japan has a New Year earlier than traditional Chinese Lunar New Year in Hong Kong. In early January, we were invited to join the party hosted by our Kansai Paint Japan headquarters.

▼ Mr. Ishino, President of Kansai Paint, greeted everyone with a new year message

We were able to introduce and share the activities done in Hong Kong to all the attendees, especially one of our major events held in mid-December last year in collaboration with Manchester United Football Club.

▼ Left: Mr. Kunishi Mori (Representative Director, Chief Operating Officer in Sales [COO]); 
Right: Mr. Hiroshi Ishino (President, Chief Executive Officer [CEO])

We really enjoyed our bonding time with many of our co-workers and colleagues. We are surely ready to make a healthy fresh start for 2019 with added motivation!

▼ Co-workers from all subsidiaries wished each other great successes and achievements ahead






お世話になっている関係者の方々と挨拶(お酒)を交えることができ、 新鮮な気持ちで今年も駆け抜けて参ります。