Crown Emulsion Crown Emulsion is an economical emulsion paint. Its smooth matte finish helps to conceal surface imperfections and avoid reflection of uneven plastered surfaces. Crown Emulsion is also moderately alkaline tolerant. Shade: Effect:Matt Packaging:18L Kanpe Emulsion V Kanpe Emulsion V is an acrylic resin emulsion paint with excellent hiding power. This emulsion paint will bring about a chic appearance for the interior. Shade:White / Various Effect:Matt Packaging:20kg Eco Cation Sealer White Eco Cation Sealer White is an eco-friendly water-based sealer which is synthesized with cation and silicone, resulting in an enhanced film formation having superior performance in hiding power, penetration, and adhesive strength. Shade:White Effect:Matt Packaging:15kg Cosmo Silicone Cosmo Silicone is a water-based reactive curable acrylic silicone resin emulsion paint, which has an excellent performance in weather resistance with the capability of fungal and algae inhibition. Shade: Effect:Various Packaging:15kg Cosmo Retan Cosmo Retan is a water-based core-shell cross-linking polyurethane paint which has a high performance in weather resistance with the capability of fungal and algae inhibition. Shade: Effect:Various Packaging:15kg Ales Cera Retan Ales Cera Retan is a ceramic modified polyurethane resin paint having a rich and glossy finish, yet still manages to offer excellent dirt and weather resistance, as well as high resistance to alkaline and corrosive gas. Shade:White / Various Effect:Full Gloss Packaging:20kg/set Cera M Retan Cera M Retan is a ceramic modified turpentine-soluble urethane resin paint, which offers weather and dirt resistance, with excellent gloss retention. Cera M Retan is ideal for external wall painting as well as outdoor flooring application. Shade:White / Various Effect:Various Packaging:16kg Cera M Fusso Cera M Fusso is a ceramic modified turpentine-soluble fluorocarbon resin paint that can resist weather, dirt, and fungal and algae growth. It has an excellent gloss retention and is rich in appearance, offering a robust and luxurious finish. Shade:White / Various Effect:Various Packaging:15kg/set Ales Aqua Retan Ales Aqua Retan is a water-based reactive curable type acrylic urethane resin emulsion paint. It is a quick drying paint with the added benefits of weather resistance plus fungal and algae inhibition. Shade:White / Various Effect:Various Packaging:15kg Celatect U Celatect U is a polyurethane enamel based protective topcoat which has a powerful shielding effect for steel structure against weathering, chemicals, and severely corrosive environment. Its self-cleaning ability also stands up to wear and tear, more so than other similar products out in the market. Shade:White / Various Effect:Full Gloss Packaging: Aqua Macs EX Aqua Macs EX is a water-based epoxy resin primer formulated particularly for rust prevention of ferrous metal such as steel surfaces. This ultra-low VOC single-pack coating has superior adhesive strength. Shade:Oxide Red / Gray Effect:Matt Packaging:16kg Ales Tile Rough Ales Tile Rough is a water-based modified synthetic resin spray texture coat, where many variations of textual patterns could be created for an added interest to the wall finishing. Shade:White Effect:Matt Packaging:20kg