Ales Super Holder G Ales Super Holder G is a water-based reactive curable crack-bridge injection with elastic property. Its tenacity enables strong bonding between the filler and the concrete, helping to restore the substrate appearances by filling up hairline cracks and minor dents before proceeding with further paint and coating works. Shade:White Effect:Matt Packaging:500g/tube Ales Holder Z Ales Holder Z is a water-based reactive curable undercoat paint with slight elasticity. When applied with a roller, the paint can bridge up existing hairline cracks. The textured film can then act as an excellent barrier against rainwater and deterioration of concrete caused by carbonation. As a pioneer product of similar material in the market, it has been further improved to achieve superior performance on adhesion, durability, moisture permeability and workability. Shade:White Effect:Matt Packaging:16kg Ales Floor SL Alesfloor SL is a durable epoxy-resin hardener flooring system with a self-leveling ability, helping to form a seamless hard-wearing floor coating that is chemical resistant. It is definitely an easy-care flooring finish that is chic at the same time. Shade:Various Effect:Semi-gloss Packaging:20kg Ales Floor SF Epoxy Primer Alesfloor SF Epoxy Primer is a primer-sealer for surface preparation of concrete floor. It can also serve the purpose of a surface hardener to prevent concrete dusting. Shade: Effect:Clear Packaging:5kg Ales Eco Clean Gloss Ales Eco Clean Gloss is an environmental friendly emulsion paint for the interior with anti-bacteria and anti-fungal ability. Its air purifying property enables formaldehyde and odour absorption. Shade:White / Various Effect:Full Gloss Packaging: Ales Aqua Build Ales Aqua Build is a water-based mono-layer elastic coating created using nano cross-linked technology, which greatly boosts its durability and resistance to weathering, compared to conventional single layer elastic coatings. This hybrid formula is made to withstand high humidity. Shade:White / Various Effect:Various Packaging: Aqua Cera Fusso (TOP) Ales Aqua Cera Fusso Topcoat is a water-based fluorocarbon resin paint which enables the paint film to be hydrophilic, allowing it to excel in stain and weather resistance. With its high elasticity, Ales Aqua Cera Fusso can be applied on waterproofing membrane as a top coat. Shade:White / Various Effect:Various Packaging:15kg/set Ales Aqua EPO Resin Ales Aqua EPO Resin is a water-based epoxy resin primer with fine adhesive property. The primer is especially fitting for substrate surface preparation before applying water-based topcoat. Shade:White Effect:Clear Packaging:15kg/set Ales Aqua Tile Guard Ales Aqua Tile Guard is a water-based silicone resin type water-repellent coating system developed particularly for protecting ceramic tiles and mortar groove against deterioration and weathering. Shade:Transaprent Effect:Clear Packaging: